Martes, Hulyo 7, 2015

How to Enjoy Sharing a Hotel Room with Your Kids

Whether you admit it or not, traveling can  be very tiresome.  You may not notice and feel it within the day, but once you reached your room, you suddenly feel the urge to sleep and rest  right away.  If you stay in one room with your small children,  you should think of ways how you can enjoy and make it easier.  It is different when you are with them in a different setting.  Below are some tips to ensure that staying in one room will not be a disaster.

Choose the right room.   This depends on your family’s need and preference.  See to it that you choose a room that is cozy and comfortable. If you have a big family, you can either choose a large room or have another  room for them that is adjacent to yours.  It is better if there is a sofa and the room is spacious enough for them to move around.  Most importantly, its ambiance is something that invites relaxation and rest.

Plan about your breakfast.  It is still the most important meal of the day, especially for kids.  Most hotels offer complimentary breakfast; however, you should be aware which specific time they are served and the kids should be up during that time.  If there is none, you may consider bringing cereals which they can eat inside.

Be ready with enjoyable activities.   There may also be moments on your trip where  you will be confined in your hotel room with your kids.  Maybe it is raining or you just do not feel going out.  Kids get bored easily and they are always seeking for something to do.  If they are not entertained by watching television, give them something fun to do.  You should have toys, electronic gadget or coloring books.

Have  enough rest and sleep.  Some kids find it hard to sleep when in an unfamiliar room;  however, everybody should get enough rest and sleep in order to be prepared for the next day.
If you think that it would be quite difficult for them, you may consider getting them to bed earlier than usual.  You  can also think of ways to motivate them to sleep like singing a lullaby or having a bedtime story.

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